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Creating a corridor for nature

We are establishing a 100-mile nature recovery corridor across Sussex.

Connecting our fragmented landscape will boost biodiversity, capture carbon, enhance food production and enrich our rural economy.

Nature cannot survive in fragments.

We are a network of farmers, land managers, councils, researchers, wildlife charities, schools, gardeners and community groups.

Together we are establishing a nature recovery corridor from the High Weald to the Sussex coast and revived seas, encompassing over 20,000 hectares of contiguous habitat.


Britain is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world.

Healthy ecosystems provide food and help to stabilise our climate. But in built-up areas like Sussex, the entire landscape has been profoundly altered by human activity. Traditional conservation efforts are not enough to halt this catastrophic loss of biodiversity. We need to do better, think bigger and join the dots.

At a time when food and nature are being pitted against one another, this will demonstrate their interconnectivity. The corridor will weave together science, innovation and community action with a thousand years of agricultural knowledge.


Our Mission

We are creating a bold and brilliant network of nature recovery corridors across Sussex, forging connections for our fragmented wildlife and boosting biodiversity alongside food production and thriving communities.

Goal 1

To create a nationally significant wildlife corridor of 100 miles in length, from the Ashdown Forest, via Knepp Wildland, taking in three rivers to bolster the kelp forests off the Sussex Coast. As farmers and land managers, we will register over 20,000 hectares as a ribbon of largely contiguous natural habitat so that wildlife can travel through the landscape more easily. We will collaborate with councils, businesses, services, charities and community groups to join the dots.

Goal 2

We will promote nature as a provider of vital ecosystem services - clean water, fertile soils, pollination, carbon capture and flood control. This will involve sustainable farming along the corridor, and across Sussex, to protect and enhance those services and a reduction of the pollutants that are compromising our landscape, and flowing into our waterways and marine environment. We will track and evidence our progress and push for accountability and transparency for all those with a responsibility for land and water management. From Wealden forests to kelp forests, rewilded gardens to farm hedgerows, restored rivers to wild beaches, and from butterfly banks to wildflower verges - all efforts will be recognised.

Goal 3

We will engage people and communities across Sussex by creating new opportunities to understand, enjoy and protect nature along the corridor. We help to track and connect projects that enhance life along the corridor route, weaving socio-economic and environmental objectives together so that communities can thrive alongside nature. This will involve harnessing regional capacity and knowledge and ensuring that all voices are heard.

Get involved

Do you own or manage land in Sussex?

As farmers and landowners, we are the frontline of nature recovery. Most of us in the corridor will continue to farm or run rural businesses while making space for new habitats and connectivity. Register interest in joining the corridor and pledging all or part of your landholding.

Are you responsible for a garden or greenspace?

Whether you have a single window box, a balcony, a garden or a shared communal greenspace, there are plenty of actions you can take to attract and support wildlife. Join our Gardens & Greenspaces network now and do your bit for nature recovery in Sussex.

Can your community support nature recovery in Sussex?

Weald to Waves is community-driven and we need to harness the time, specialism, and knowledge held by our regional social action and conservation groups. Get in touch to join forces and improve life for all along the corridor.

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