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Restoring a ribbon of nature-positive farmland

We are entering a new era of farming and land management, focused on nature recovery and climate resilience, alongside food security and flourishing rural communities. Ecosystem services are finally being recognised within our economy and land managers and farmers are at the forefront of these emerging markets.

Weald to Waves is land-manager-led and we are both realistic and ambitious about our goals for connectivity. As stewards, we want to support and empower one another to make clear and informed decisions about biodiversity and natural capital. Most of us in the will continue to farm or run rural businesses; many of which will benefit from being able to demonstrate sustainability and a deeper connection to nature. Weald to Waves will bring national recognition and visibility for nature-positive farm businesses in Sussex and connect our farms and estates to provide a ribbon of habitat for wildlife across the landscape.

Pledged land. Practical action.

Through our partnership with LandApp, you can register and pledge all or part of your land to form part of the corridor.

By joining the corridor, you will be pledging to put nature at the forefront of your decision-making. For many Sussex farmers, the first step will be bringing light and mapping valuable work already happening on your land, though active stewardship schemes and regenerative food production. Where we can, we will support you in planning and measuring a range of further environmental and stewardship projects across all or part of your landholding.

We will combine digital and on-site advice to identify bespoke opportunities for you to create and reconnect habitats and prepare for voluntary and statutory markets for carbon and biodiversity net gain (BNG) and natural flood management.

Farmland habitats
70% of land in Sussex is agricultural. We are widening hedges and wild edges and addressing agro-chemical use to improve the health of our soils, waterways and food chain.
Restoring grasslands & healthland
UK grasslands are among our most diverse habitats. We have lost 97% in the last 100 years. We are restoring species-rich meadows and encouraging natural seeding techniques.
Ponds, rivers & wetland habitats
Our rivers, lakes and streams are among the most polluted in Europe. We are reinstating ponds and wetlands and harnessing our rivers’ natural flood management capacity.
Creation of coastal habitats
Much of the Sussex coastline has been developed, eroding our sand dunes, salt marsh and shingle. We are working with coastal farms on habitats for waders, seabirds and seals.
Woodland & orchard management
Tree planting, orchard restoration and agro-forestry can boost biodiversity, provide habitat, prevent soil erosion, and reduce flooding without taking land out of production.
Hedgerows & buffer strips
Hedgerows are the last remnants of natural corridors in our landscape. Widening them increases food sources, migration routes, shelter and nest sites for birds and wild mammals

Benefits of joining the corridor

In return for joining the corridor, landholders receive a range of benefits and services that can help with the resilience of our farms and rural businesses. We would love to have you on board too. These include:

Advisory support-image
Advisory support

Online and on-site consultancy on environmental land management and natural capital

Land Management Plans-image
Land Management Plans

Tailored support to develop bespoke land management plans

Funding opportunities-image
Funding opportunities

Access to funding and natural capital opportunities along with small grant scheme

Data and reporting-image
Data and reporting

Fresh data to demonstrate environmental stewardship and nature recovery

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