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Communities make up the fabric of the corridor. Join the network and help weave it together

Don't have a garden or responsibility for a greenspace? We still need your help!

If you are passionate about nature recovery and want to make a positive impact on your local environment, we invite you to join the Weald to Waves community network.

The aim of this network is to connect communities and individuals living and working along the corridor route but who do not own or manage land. By joining the network, you will have access to a wealth of resources, support, and opportunities to get involved in local projects that contribute biodiversity and landscape recovery.

Whether you are a seasoned conservationist or a newcomer to the field, we welcome you to become a part of our vibrant network and contribute to the future of the Weald to Waves corridor.

There will be opportunities to participate in citizen science projects, become a community speaker for Weald to Waves, run fundraising events and take part in active challenges. We would also love to hear from those with valuable administration and business skills, who would like to become a specialist volunteer and help us build the infrastructure around the corridor.

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